Download Zombocalypse Apk Mod

Zombocalypse - help the hero survive in the world that suffered from the spread of a horrible virus. Shoot the walking dead attacking the hero. Embark on a long journey to different locations in post-apocalyptic world of this game for Android. At each new level you'll find hordes of a new kind of zombie. They are attacking the hero from two sides. Turn your hero in the right direction in time and shoot from your pistol, shotgun, or other weapon available to the hero. Get more powerful weapons and other equipment.

Shoot zombies! With guns! On your phone! It's a bold, new idea that's just crazy enough to work. Gear up, ship out and take on a never-ending parade of walking corpses. Use guns, use knives— heck, we'll even throw in some explosives! It's too late to save the world, but it's not too late to have some fun, right?

Download Zombocalypse apk mod

-Mow down zombies of all shapes and sizes
-Explore the world of the zombie apocalypse
-Unlock an arsenal of rifles, shotguns, explosives, machetes, air strikes and more
-Climb online leaderboards
-You get to shoot zombies! WITH GUNS

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