Download Zombie Frontier 2: Survive Apk Mod

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive is the second part of the Zombie Frontier franchise. It allows you to keep enjoying almost the same game mechanics and the same post-apocalyptic setting in a desolate world that is plagued by zombies.

Before each mission you can use your money to buy weapons and ammunition, which you will need to face each of the game's different phases. As you earn more experience and pass levels you can unlock new, more powerful weapons: pistols, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles...

Download Zombie Frontier 2: Survive apk mod


New weapons system - an all new arsenal!

New upgrade system - adapt and improve your weaponry.

New super weapon - something a little special for the undead!

A challenging character development system

Excellent graphics and animation - bringing the post-virus world to life

Shocking sound effects and music - taking you into the world of the game


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