Download Zombie Defense APK Mod

Zombie Defense - enlist fighter, place them in positions (slots), and let them fend off waves of zombies coming. Manually move the fighter on the other positions, makes the best slots and train fighter, order supplies, throw grenades and "Molotov cocktails", call air support and taxi cyclopean bulldozers. Updated to version 11.6!

Download Zombie Defense APK Mod

A modern hybrid of classic RTS and modern Tower Defense.
Recruit soldiers, place them on the slots and let them shoot waves to the zombies by their own.
Hands moving soldiers between slots, upgrading slots and soldiers, placing orders,
throwing grenades and molotovs, ordering air strikes and operating large bulldozers.
Perfect combination of strategy, tactics and micro management.

Earn money on missions and give them amends tasks to purchase regular technology, upgrades, weapons and so on.

- 40 tasks.
4 regular difficulty modes, nightmare, 3 challenge men, challenge TV
- 18 types of recruits.
- 150 permanent upgrades between each mission.
- Six basic types of enemies, from shambling creatures, to bewildering creeps, to fast-paced predators.
- 2 types of giant mutant bosses for extra action.
- Zombie chicks
- bait
- A weapon racket, from .38s reliable, to deadly guns, precision sniper rifles.
- High explosion to turn into pink jelly zombies.



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