Download Zaicraft Apk Mod

Zaicraft - based fun Minecraft we tried to add more detail, the mobs and the best design
And most blocks. In Zaicraft you can connect with Minecraft Pocket Edition with souped API 1.12.1
In Zaicraft allowed to base building, and you have to live the night of creative monster.In (never-ending), you have no way required to have virtually no life, you can make something like

Download Zaicraft apk mod

Zaicraft - help the hero survive in the wild nature. Gather various valuable resources, build your house and other buildings, craft various useful objects. Explore vast world of this great game for Android. Fight various monsters or run away from them. Find a variety of wildlife. Gather timber and minerals. Build anything you want, from a modest house to a huge fortress. Use many types of blocks in construction and combine them using your imagination. Create comfortable living conditions for your hero.

Game features:

Original graphics
Huge world
2 game modes
Absorbing gameplay

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