Download Xposed Additions Pro (Patched) APK MOD

Xposed Additions - to a no-physiological or keys on your device. Acts have all chances to be if you want all of the mirroring other key to launch additions and icons. Xposed Additions Pro (Patched) adding alienates you the most powerful second-card system of any mobile operating system and allows you to choose exactly what if your keys are required to work and how long/where in probably work.

Download Xposed Additions Pro (Patched) APK MOD

Add new actions like click, long press, double tap, triple tap and so on, to any physical button on your device. Actions can be anything from mirroring a different button to launching applications or shortcuts. Xposed Additions gives you the most powerful re-map system for any mobile operating system and allows you to choose exactly what your buttons should do and when/where to do it.

Xposed Additions contains a module for the famous Xposed Framework, which is a 3'rd party framework for Android that provides new and more powerful options for app development. This framework is what makes this type of feature possible and it is a requirement in getting this to work. Please make sure to install it before or after installing this app. Link can be found below.

Issues & Feedback
Google Play Store is not a very good two-way communication channel. If you encounter any problems, have questions or any other type of feedback, please write an email instead. You can also visit the XDA Thread for this app where you will find lots of helpful people and information. Link can be found below. 

Re-Map Features

    • Mirror any button action
    • Both Click and Long Press actions
    • Create different conditional setup per button
    • Application specific conditions (PRO)
    • Additional Double and Triple actions (PRO)
    • Button Combo events (PRO)
    • Launch Applications and Shortcuts (PRO)
    • Launch Tasker actions (PRO)
    • Optional interaction with keyboard, mouse, headset buttons and more...

Other Features

    • Enable rotation for all applications
  • Handle screen state on USB Plug/UnPLug depending on plug type

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