Download Tune Me Pro APK Mod

Tune Me Pro - will allow fans to sing songs of T-Pain, The Lonely Island, Akon, and Kanye West changed voice to the style of your favorite artist. User can just sing on the Android device's microphone that is running Tune Me, but for realism, you can run your favorite music. Its success can record and share them with friends and family, as well as to set as a ringtone. To change the sound used by the pitch-correction.

Download Tune Me Pro APK Mod

Pro Features
* Unlocked beats: install any beat from your device's music library as a beat.
* Ad-free: ads are removed in the pro version

About Tune Me
Tune Me is the ultimate hip-hop and R&B recording studio.

Set the effect to full-strength to T-Pain-ify your voice, or use the smooth setting for subtle, professional correction. Download and record over 50+ free beats, or upload your own. Share your tracks to Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Recording and Editing Features
★ Fast processing - effect applied in background while recording
★ Mixer - adjust volume of vocals and beat separately
★ Calibration - automatically sync vocals with the beat
★ Waveform Display - visualization of beat gives helpful cues while recording
★ Clip Light - lights up if you are singing too loudly


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