Download The Legend Of Holy Archer APK Mod

The Legend of Holy Archer (EN) (MOD, unlimited money) - Very interesting game with an original idea, in which you'll shoot a bow, but it is not so simple, run by an arrow in flight and hit the main enemy. The game has gorgeous graphics and an incredibly easy management, use a gyro or arrows that would send an arrow to the right path and smite evil.

Download The Legend of Holy Archer APK Mod

Once upon a time, a giant evil hole suddenly appeared in the outskirts of the legendary kingdom.
From that portal out came the monsters that have only existed in legends and folktales.
Then one archer with the ability to shoot holy arrows was summoned by the king to fight against the approaching monsters before they reach the kingdom. Fight as the Holy Archer to regain the peace that was lost to the forces of evil.

- You can play this game with a single finger.
- Damage and destroy your enemies before you run out of arrows.
- There isn’t a single route to clear a stage, find different paths and explore.
- There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze treasure chests placed around the map. Hit them to uncover what is inside.
- There are 10 monsters in all, find their weak points to take them down efficiently.
- Maximum graphic quality, switch between 3 quality levels to experience the best graphics mobile games can offer.

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