Download Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom Apk Mod

Tap! Tap! Faraway kingdom - guide the fearless knight and his party through the lands of the kingdom and dungeons full of the most different monsters. The evil dragon stole the sacred relics of the kingdom of this game for Android. Princess sends decides to send her faithful knight in pursuit of the villain. Help the hero return the stolen relics. Guide him through a multitude of levels, fight various enemies by tapping the screen as quickly as possible. Hire powerful warriors and other mercenaries to help the knight.

Download Tap! Tap! Faraway Kingdom apk mod


- Adorable retro style pixel art will steal your heart!
- Super easy gameplay: Just keep tapping the screen. Tap! Tap!
- Hire powerful Mercenaries to defeat monsters!
- Easy and intuitive level up system makes gameplay even more fun!
- Over 200 unique monsters and various dungeons to discover!
- Defeat boss monsters to get powerful equipment for your Knight!
- Make your Mercenaries stronger with more than 100 different items to discover!
- Bring your battle to the next level with special buffs on your Mercenaries’ equipment!
- Obtain Relics to strengthen your Knight and Mercenaries!

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