Download Stick Of Titan APK Mod

Stick of Titan is a game starring stickmen, openly inspired by the Attack on Titan anime series. The goal of the game is, of course, to kill as many giants as possible, before one of them ends up eating your little hero.

Download Stick of Titan APK Mod

The Adventure mode in Stick of Titan includes several mini games that you can play consecutively. In the first mini game — the most fun by far— you can move your character from left to right, while trying to kill as many titans as possible. To do this, of course, you'll have to aim for their neck; touch them anywhere else, and they'll eat you.

The rest of the mini games will let you relive different moments from the legendary anime series, but the gameplay is not as fun. In some of them, you'll have to shoot the titans, in others you'll have to sneak up on a colossal titan, and so on.Stick of Titan is a very entertaining arcade that will be especially appealing to all fans of Attack on Titan. The game's graphics are not particularly good, but it makes up for this with an addictive and straightforward gameplay.

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