Download Space Defense - Shooting Game APK Mod

Space Defense - Shooting Game (MOD, much money) - A game in which you have the opportunity to play on the side of an alien creature. Your job is to help him rebuild his defensive systems on a flying ship. Yes, the enemy could not reach him. You will twist the muzzle in all directions, because the tools without your intervention can not destroy everything.

Download Pulling USA APK Mod

➤ A large group of enemies are attacking your planet in waves!
➤ Touch the screen to shoot; slide to shoot continuously.
➤ Seven different types of turrets: kill the boss and unlock the turret.
➤ Upgrade your weapon by collecting coins.
➤ Enter survival mode and try to keep the survivor in the end.
➤ Defend the two planets, get different exciting achievements and wipe out the space invaders from your planet.
➤ Defender - one of the best electronic games for kids!

Do you like free defense games or 'shooting games' related to alien invasion, turrets, spaces? If so, get the free 'Defense Universe - Shooting Games' for your cell phone and have fun fighting against evil aliens and managing to keep your planet safe. They are strong, very much and constantly. However, great arcade games provide you with upgrades to your weapons and proves you are the most competitive. Use them to keep your enemies away and remember: you can be the ultimate defender plane

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