Download Soul Seeker Apk Mod

Soul seeker: Rise of the devils - create a team of fearless heroes and battle the forces of darkness. Explore dark dungeons and destroy monsters. Go on an adventures in wonderful world of this Android game. Ancient evil has awakened from sleep and armies of demons threaten all the inhabitants of the world. Only a team of heroes can fight monsters and get into Devils Tower, to fight enemies in their stronghold. Unlock new characters, each with unique abilities. Develop your characters, buy and improve their equipment.

▶ Unique Craft System
Special tech-tree Craft System for the ultimate victory!
Collect the strongest items to activate the set effect!

Download Soul Seeker apk mod

▶ Explore A New World
Learn about the history of Hermes through Scenario Battles!
Enter the Arena for PvP battles and enter the Guild Battle for 10vs10 Battle!
Become victorious and collect your righteous rewards at the Boss Raids!
Challenge your limits with the Tower of Devils and fight with your Guild members at the Devil Siege Battle!
Enter the Special Dungeon to pick and choose your own material and play with unique Heroes of 500+!

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