Download Soccer Heroes RPG APK MOD

Soccer Heroes RPG - Experience all the excitement and intensity of professional football with the football hero. Take it to the middle, to pass, dribble, shoot and ... goal! Defeat your opponents continue to play in the Brazil Cup and lead the international football scene.

Download Soccer Heroes RPG APK MOD

Become a legendary football world and lead your team to victory with Soccer Heroes RPG. Go in the middle, go through, shoot the ball, shoot and ... GOAL! Experience REAL SOCCER when you create your own soccer team to sign new players. Choose your moves in the field of football, level up and grow your players, and score great goals in this manga football game!

Stop dreaming and score your first goal in Soccer Heroes by downloading the FREE app!

Football Heroes simulates the classic sport of football in a new and original way. It's based on cut scenes where you see the player crossing the pitch, and you decide if you want to pass, free, or score a goal. Your actions affect the outcome of the match and the number of goals scored. Play as a striker, midfielder, or defender in the most complete rpg ball game ever!

Training difficult to improve your skills and abilities and no goalkeeper will be able to stop your strong shot! Recruit new top players for your list and use the special powers of your teammates to help you balance. Develop the skills of the team to win and achieve the pinnacle of international football! Who will be the best defender, striker, or scorer? Who will shoot the hardest, spare the fastest, and have the best technique? You choose the winner of the starting lineup. In the anime football game you are both a player and a coach!

Play multiple seasons, leagues and cups to complete your professional football career. Overcome the challenge, get rewards from each match and earn experience to upgrade and develop your skills. Can you rank among the top players in Versus Mode?

Goal and have fun with this great football game with great manga graphics, inspired by such great views as Captain Tsubasa or Inazuma Eleven. Start your professional football career and become a star with the best football match ever!

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