Download SMASH Monsters - City Rampage Version 2.19 Apk Mod

Smash monsters - grow huge monsters in your lab. Send the monsters to crush enemy armies and cities. Defend your city from enemies. Feel like a sinister scientist in this game for Android. Create a lab where you can create unique monsters. Grow your city and construct a variety of buildings, don't forget about the defenses. Send your giant monsters to fight enemy armies. Attack towns of other players and destroy them. Unite with friends and fight the common enemy.

Download SMASH Monsters - City Rampage version 2.19 apk mod

Conquer the world alone, or create a FACTION of friends for the sheer love of crushing stuff! Get out there, and let the DESTRUCTION BEGIN!


● Lead your monster army to victory in a massively multiplayer PvP world!
● Tons of monsters to collect, level-up, and evolve, plus tons of power-ups, special abilities, and more!
● Build and fortify your city with impenetrable defenses to fend off rival SMASH agents!
● Defeat powerful SMASH bosses as you conquer the world in Campaign mode.
● Chat and strategize with other players in real-time, and form Factions with your friends!

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