Download Slashy Hero Version 1.0.58 APK Mod

Slashy hero - help the brave hero fight ghosts, zombies, and other otherworldly creatures. Slash enemies with your sword! Holiday is in danger! Dark forces are trying to prevent the celebration of Halloween in this game for Android. But a fearless hero armed with a magical sword is on their way. Guide your character through dark dungeons, each with unique enemies. Draw the way for the character on the screen. As you release your finger the hero will rush along a path you painted destroying everything on the way!

Download Slashy Hero Version 1.0.58 APK Mod

Slashy Hero is the Halloween game of the year!

Features include:
91 levels of action-packed mystery
36 awesome costumes
200 time attack levels
Hack n’ dash movement
Secret rooms
Infinite mode with leaderboards

Slashy Hero is free to download. Some items in the game are available for purchase.

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