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Skilltree saga - guide the hero through dark dungeons and other locations. Fight horrific monsters and defeat them. Learn various skills. An army of goblins and orcs invaded the kingdom in this game for Android. Help the hero deal with the dark creatures and find his beloved who was kidnapped by a villain. Practice and develop the skills of the character. Turn the hero into a powerful mage or a powerful warrior. Fight duels with unique monsters and crush them. Look for chests with excellent equipment and other treasures.

Download Skilltree Saga APK Mod

Round-based Duelling

Well-thought approaches are mandatory to put up a fight against the sinister spawn! Choose from a variety of skills, damage your enemy with wind and water magic or bring them to their knees with powerful fire spells. You’ll be in need of those when you come across hordes of orks and goblins. Your opponents know how to fight back as well. They use skills to make them stronger, tougher. They enfeeble your attributes or let dangerous rain down on the adventurer.

Skilltree with numerous spells of the Elemental Knights
You start as a nobody adventurer and choose your race as human, elf or dwarf. In your conflicts against the sinister spawn you will acquire experience to get steadily more powerful. Through level ups you’ll collect Adventure Points to enhance your skills and learn new spells.

Up to 100 level deep challenging dungeons, Rogue-style!

Choose between various adventures that you’ll try to master. On plenty of stages you’ll encounter dangerous fiends and you can find twinkling treasure chests or bracing healing fountains. At times you’ll come across a shady goblin merchants, who will sell you items on your troublesome journey. Should you fail your quest you’ll have to start anew, but become more experienced. Only the most mighty ones will challenge the heavy end bosses and can immortalize their name as a hero in the hall of fame.

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