Download Secret Life Of Pets Unleashed APK Mod

Secret Life of Pets Unleashed - No one is surprised the mobile game for the upcoming movie or cartoon. Almost every loud premiere has its mobile application. Such participation was awarded the cartoon "The Secret Life of animals", which in Russia on the big screens out August 18, 2016. Developed toy eminent company ELECTRONIC ARTS. The creators did not invent the wheel and made the toy in the genre of "three in a row.

Download Secret Life of Pets Unleashed APK Mod

Pets Unleashed is the official video game for the movie The Secret Life of Pets. Players have to combine different colored pieces on the board (just like in any match-3), while the dog reacts to your actions on the top of the screen.

The gameplay in Pets Unleashed is the usual within the genre, not much new about it. Match three pieces to make them disappear, four to create a special piece, five to to create an even stronger one, and so on. In short: the usual. The main difference is the one at the top of the screen, where you’ll see the dogs doing different things.

As is common in this kind of game, in Pets Unleashed you have to make your way through a map, beating the different levels. While your dog moves over the map, you can also play fetch with him. 

Pets Unleashed is an entertaining casual game whose excellent graphics make up for its lack of originality. Additionally, the game features a decent number of levels and different dogs starring in them.

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