Download School Driving 3D Version 2.1

3D Driving School - This game is best suited for all novice drivers. It will not only teach you the right to drive and prove what happens when you do not follow certain rules. Pupils will take place in more detailed maps. The game is just over 40 scenarios that use the clock in driving schools. And if you get tired of driving and follow the rules, you have a very interesting mode in which you can pick up any car from the game and drive at high speed on one busy and big city.

Download School Driving 3D Version 2.1

The 3D driving school is an exciting game where you can learn the rules of the road and prove that you can drive in a real
world environment. The 3D driving school is a practical simulation that allows you to choose between different cars, buses and trucks.
Over 40 levels with different driving scenarios await you. Show off your driving skills, play School Driving 3D!

- Surfing
- Get different licenses, cars, buses and trucks
- Name more than 40 levels (new update per week)
- Ride Ride mode avalaible
- Gorgeous 3D graphics with realistic car interior
- Accounting system
- Drives, buttons and steering wheel
- Online Leadership and Achievements
- Real engine sound for each car

Challenge your friends by sharing your score!


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