Download RunBot - Rush Runner Apk Mod

RunBot is an 'endless runner' in which you control a robot that was created for combat but has rebelled against its masters and is fleeing the complex where it was created, running at high speed.

The game system of RunBot is relatively similar to that of games like Temple Run. The main difference is that at certain points of the game the controls will change, adapting to certain events. For example, at the beginning of the game you will be running, but you can also fly during specific parts of the game.

Download RunBot - Rush Runner apk mod


Collect coins and power cores to upgrade your arsenal and armor, improve your power-ups like laser or shield and be invincible in this rush game!
Achieve all the robot gadgets: nanomachines, radar, jetpack, autoshield… Will you be able to reach the highest level ? Be a hero on a new run and dodging game!

Awesome acrobatic moves, be the lasted parkour runner, jump and dodge around dangerous obstacles like mines or plasma turrets.
The best run and jumping game in Google Play is waiting you in RunBot!

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