Download Red Ball 4 Apk Mod

Red Ball 4 is a 2D platformer in which you play a red ball trying to reach the end of the game by jumping and bouncing non-stop.

The gameplay in Red Ball 4 is very simple. You can use your left thumb to control the direction in which you move the ball (left or right) and your right thumb to jump. Red Ball 4 features very realistic physics, so you can catch speed when going downhill, bounce on walls, push different objects, etc.

Download Red Ball 4 apk mod

As you play through Red Ball 4’s more than 40 different levels, you'll find more and more difficulties. In the beginning, you just have to jump a few obstacles, but later on you'll have to fight enemies and solve puzzles using the game's physics.

- All-New Red Ball Adventure
- 75 Levels
- Epic Boss Battles
- Cloud Support
- Exciting Physics Elements
- Groovy Soundtrack
- HID Controller Support


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