Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Fight the greatest ranked robot brawlers among 100 million WRB players in exciting Global Multiplayer battles. Transform the legends Atom, Zeus, and all-time favorite champions into powerful 1, 2, 3 and 4 Star Robots to win big in Versus Leagues & Global Tournaments. Top the Leaderboards, claim the Championship title and reign supreme as the Ultimate World Robot Boxing Champion.

Achieve greatness in the future of boxing, where gigantic robots pack powerful punches. Unleash your fighting style with deadly jabs, uppercuts & special moves to win world championship belts, collect trophies & knockout friends!

In Real Steel World Robot Boxing, you'll be able to fight against more than twenty different robots, many of them from the movie. You can fight against the computer, or match up against a friend over the Internet.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a fun fighting game with great graphics that allows you to enjoy a game of near console-level quality right on your Android device.

- 10 different arenas that barely contain these hulking mechanical brutes.
- Championship, Time Attack, Daily Exhibition and Free Sparring; four diverse modes that will test your mettle AND your metal.
- Customize with decals, load up with upgrades and get a fighting edge with power-ups!
- The movie springs to life with new special moves and cinematic Rip-Offs.
- Real-time action that tests both strategy and reflexes… do you have what it takes?


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