Download RAM Manager Pro APK Mod

RAM Manager Pro - This application reduces lag for increasing the speed of your device. RAM manager is the best solution for everyone who has a problem with the amount of free memory, multitasking, with a slow transfer between applications, with low productivity or just want to improve performance in all areas. Updated to version 8.6.8!

Download RAM Manager Pro APK Mod

This is a free version of RAM Management with limited functionality.

RAM Manager is an application that optimizes memory and keeps a balance between memory and running applications. The application will reduce latency (lag) to speed up your device, solve the problem when running multitasking, with slow conversion between applications, with low performance and improved performance of the device. in every way. You can speed up your device simply by choosing the configuration you feel is right for you. The main advantage of this app is that it always allows you to set the RAM according to your needs (for example, you can choose how much free memory or multitasking you want).

- Open the RAM section and select custom RAM, now you can adjust the slider to determine the amount of free or multi-task memory you want.
Extension is primarily for users who want to create swap files or to resize virtual memory (VM heap). If you get an error on startup, there is an option to fix it.



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