Download Rally Racer Dirt APK Mod

Rally Racer Dirt - based collection of fun, and not the driver of traffic. Drive to the hill climbing, asphalt drift and real gryazyuka drift. Rally together with the demolition. The group reviewed a rally racer gryazyuka. Rally Racer Dirt of favorite introduces realistic and cool control rally fun. Burano and play with realistic physics configured with detailed graphics, vehicles and race tracks. Be rally racer, wheels, like Ken Block and Collin McRae on the tracks could not move.

 Download Rally Racer Dirt APK Mod

Rally Racer Dirt is a drift racing game, not a high-speed racing game. Take a hike, asphalt drift and actual drift. Let's race and drift together. This genre is redefined with Rally Racer Dirt. Rally Racer Dirt. Go to you for the best realistic and best control buttons for a racing game. Enjoy drifting and real life with detailed graphics, cars and racing tracks. Become a racing driver, driving like Ken Blocks and Collin McRae on the track, not on high speed.


* Many Real Time Player modes
 * 12 different racing cars,
 * Car can be driven with the ability to stop as desired, rolling bar, driving height and transmission ratio.
 * Vehicle upgrades and driving characteristics.
 * 5 different and exciting racing lanes,
 * Track racing has many pavements, asphalt, gravel, drift and car.
 * Driving techniques and control functions are meticulously adjusted.
 * 3 main game modes: Challenge mode, Survival mode, and Multiplayer mode Real-time mode.

The game has three modes: survival, challenging and multi-player real-time. In the survival mode, you should drift for as long as possible, and pass the checkpoint. In challenging mode there are 60 different challenges that you need to overcome. In real-time multi-player mode, you can race with real people, your friends or random players.


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