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In this game you should battle to the dark powers which woke up in a full moon and started attacking houses of people. So, while people are sleeping peacefully and don't suspect about approaching threat, in their defense pumpkins unexpectedly rose... In the game there’s very beautiful and cheerful drawn graphics, quite good soundtrack and simple control system. Just slide a pumpkin by your finger and collect a row of 3 or more pumpkins, and then throw them in the revived dead people. Double pressing on pumpkin breaks it. Also don't forget to collect coins and pumpkins on the game field. Between levels on the money gained during the game it is possible to buy different types of weapon and protection: dynamite, mines, boards. A large number of types of opponents won't allow you to miss. You are waited for by 2 game modes: adventure in which you should pass 45 levels and infinite

Download Pumpkins vs. Monsters apk mod

Pumpkins vs. Monsters is a peculiar mixed-genre game that combines the 'tower defense' found in Plants Vs Zombies with falling block puzzle games like Bejeweled, and all with a fun, carefully detailed design.

To play the game you need to arrange pumpkins of different colors to throw them at your enemies, which come from the top of the screen and try to get past your defenses situated at the bottom. Of course, in addition to your basic pumpkins, you'll have a ton of other weapons to fight with.

Adventure mode includes ninety different levels divided into six worlds, which should keep you occupied for many hours. There are also other playing modes that help add some variety.

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