Download Police Car Chase APK Mod

Police Car Chase - An interesting game in which you will play for a policeman who patrols the streets of a large and bustling city. Sit down in your car, arm different weapons and catch criminals and robbers. And if the victim is trying to smash your car or confuse you, then use the weapons of choice. The game is quite simple graphics, the game starts on the most simple devices and does not require a lot of resources from your device, clean the streets of your city from criminals!

Download Police Car Chase APK Mod

In the game you can play police to drive the police to catch criminals in the city, using your driving technique and heavy weapons to catch criminals to punish by law and become city ​​guard! You can also join criminal gangs and race cars to fight the police cars in the city! Use the speed of the race car and weapons in your hand to make the beastly police run away! In the game you will experience the honesty of speed, the production of shooting and the stimulation of the crash!

In the game there are many police cars, racing cars, civil cars ... will give you the feeling of driving as real! There are 6 types of heavy weapons that you can change at any time, choose the weapon you like and aim at the enemy that shoots! There are 4 city scenes to choose from, many missions await you to complete! By constantly buying more upgraded vehicles, upgrading car functions and upgrading weapons to become the hegemon of the city!

- 4 city scenes to let you experience true driving experience!
- 6 game modes, so you have the motive to challenge the target!
- 12 vehicles, 6 heavy weapons ... waiting for you to unlock to drive and upgrade!
- Many rewards for daily tasks, it will help you upgrade vehicles and weapons!
- Cool cars, bumps and true-to-life firearms will bring you a full, stressful experience of the game and crash!

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