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Pepper Panic Saga - Match pepper 1 and this fact colors, to force them to grow. As soon peppers pretty great, they explode - and if you throw a chain reaction, there is pepper vanity! From the developers Candy Crush Saga and agricultural Heroes, pepper panic saga exclusively burning fun circle.

 Download Pepper Panic Saga APK Mod

Pepper Panic Saga is a Match 3 developed by King and, as you'd expect, it looks a lot like Candy Crush and other similar games. The difference between these and other games is that instead of crushing candy in each level, you have to destroy hot peppers.

The gameplay in Pepper Panic Saga is slightly different from that of other Match 3 games. Match three or more peppers and you create a larger pepper. The final goal is to create peppers so large that they explode ... and if they set fire to all the other peppers around them, well, even better.

The game includes more than a hundred different levels. In each you have to complete a series of objectives that typically involve matching a certain number of peppers of a certain color, or chaining lots of fire chiles in a row.

Pepper Panic Saga is an entertaining game by King, even if it's not particularly original. That said, swapping candy out for peppers is actually pretty cute, and the game is still a lot of fun.


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