Download My Emma:) Apk Mod

My Emma is a casual game where you have to take care of a baby, little Emma, and do everything it takes to keep her happy and healthy. Also, as you level up, Emma will grow with you and gradually grow into a little lady.

In order to help Emma level up, you'll need to do all sorts of different tasks: give her a bottle, bathe her, put her to bed, play with her, etc. As she grows, you need to adjust your actions accordingly. For example, when she's a baby you have to give her a bottle, but as she grows older, she'll clearly prefer a hamburger or ice cream.

Download My Emma:) apk mod

* Adopt Emma and give her a name!
* Feed and take care of Emma!
* Play mini games and collect coins!
* Dress up and style Emma!
* Dance with Emma at the new Ballet Studio!
* Try out new outfits, shoes & accessories!
* Bathe and clean Emma!
* Pamper Emma like a princess at the all new spa!
* Style Emma’s hair at the hair salon!
* Tuck Emma into bed!
* Treat Emma with special doctor tools!


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