Download My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game APK Mod

My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game - for those who like to play with virtual pets, this game is a virtual pet chicken. Take care of him, feed, play with, bathe, change clothes, and the like. The chicken responds to your attitude and depending on it will be happy or sad, also have a baby violently put down, otherwise it will be sleepy. Inside the game as much as 32 mini-games, go through them and earn money.

Download My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game  APK Mod

This is your little Chicken, your new virtual pet! Discover what it is like to have a little pet Chicken, in My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game you get to adopt your very own little cute Chicken pet to love and care for. 

Just like a real pet your Chicken will react and behave differently depending on how you treat him, so be careful and try love and care for him just like a real pet!

So do you have what it takes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, clean and decorate your Chicken and his little home?

We have worked a lot on making My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game the best and most fun pet game out there, just so you can enjoy your little Chicken for endless of hours. We also added a lot of Multiplayer features so you can play and talk with your friends all around the world! 

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