Download Monster Squad APK Mod

Monster Squad - Since developers have decided to simplify the gameplay, the graphics make it even easier, they simply could not. But as you can see, it turned out quite unpretentious and more it seems that the game created for children. How does work mod!
1) Install Playstore Version First to Bypass Tutorial.
2) Uninstall Playstore Version and Install modded APK
3) Play!

Download Monster Squad APK Mod

Monster Squad is a tactical training game combining a bit of role-playing element with Nexon, one of Korea's most respected developers, styling and launching worldwide on both iOS and iOS. Android

With the gifted natural talent you will acquire, control and train these wild creatures to become disciplined, powerful and obedient to accompany you on the journey of glory. the players themselves.

Monster Squad directs gamers into turn-based combat combos and training and training of different beasts.

In order to possess the most exciting fights, players must spend a certain amount of money to open the summon box and the maximum number of beasts that each character can take with them when entering battlefield is 4 .


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