Download Monster Legends Version 3.8.1

Battle with the ultimate monster fighting force to lead them to victory in Monster Legends! Breed, feed, enhance and train legendary monsters and turn them into beasts!

Collect the mighty monsters to uncover your unique skills and increase your strategy in the packaged war. Build a world for your monster to live on, fill it with habitat and bred new species! Bring your monsters to exciting quests and strategic combat games. Only then will you be able to prove yourself a Master Monster!

If you are interested in multiplayer games, you will love Team Wars, where you can battle other Monsters and win great rewards and War Wars you can use to collect. Unique monsters in Team Shop.

Download Monster Legends Version 3.8.1

Monster Legends is free to download and free to play. Monster Legends is a simple game where your goal is to collect and tame great creatures of all kinds, which you can also develop: red fire dragon, giant monkey, sea snake more, and more.

Join your friends and connect with the Monster community with over 60 million players. Start building, collecting and fighting today! Monster Legends is a beast of an action game!

- Collect more than 400 monsters: New monsters are added to the game every week!
- Raise monsters with different elements and rare things to create new species!
- Fight in special events made by wonders and dangers packed with action game play and unknown enemy foes.
- Collect treasures and rewards in your quest to glory.
Set up your team of monsters strategically, combining attackers, tanks and monsters to perform best.
- Fighting games will need strategy and tactics if you want to rise to the top of the rankings!

Do you have the courage and skill to fight for the chance to become the No.1 Master Monster in the world? Learn with Monster Legends, the action RPG game that will put you in service to a monster empire!

Other great Social Points: Dragon City, World Chef and Dragon Land. Check them out!

Download today and start training your monster!


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