Download MMX Racing Version 1.16.9320 Apk Mod

THIS IS IT! Your opportunity to create a monster truck fire and confront on the spectacular jump. More than 15 million players can not be ignored right from the first game.

"This is the best Monster Truck game I've ever played" - 5/5 HollyDK

- Experience the standard graphics, physics and excitement excitement in MMX Racing, the No. 1 racing title.

- Terminate the opponent, start and focus on the finish line. It's amazing!

Launch your truck on the way to huge jumps, timing your gaits to complete to stop things getting out-of-control.

Download MMX Racing Version 1.16.9320 Apk Mod

MMX Racing is very simple, based mainly on exploiting the screen at the right time. You will have to press the accelerator button until it reaches the ramp, at which point you must drop it, and as soon as the wheels touch the ground, press it again. If you do not have the right time, your car will slow down, giving your opponent the perfect opportunity to get past you.

- MONSTERIZING Pickup, vehicle, jeep or SUV ... Upgrade and customize every aspect of your chosen trip. Turn it into a monster you know it wants to be.
- RIVAL CRUSHING 10 different events, 30 challenging and thousands of opponents your way.

You can buy and drive many different vehicles that you can name and buy all kinds of upgrades for. Actually, you need to improve certain aspects, like maximum speed, or acceleration time, if you want to win contests.

MMX Racing is a simple but fun racing game. It has breathtaking graphics and a reminiscent styling of the classic Drag Racing, only with monster truck replacements.

Are you ready to cross the ranks of the MMX MULTIPLAYER and the supreme ruler?


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