Download Mad Day - Truck Distance Game Apk Mod

Mad Day - Truck Distance Game (MOD, unlimited money/fuel) - On our planet invaded by alien beings, mankind as usual this was not done, repel the attack and return to his opponents back to their home planet. Arm yourselves with the most advanced weapons, use the most different techniques ranging from terrestrial and aquatic and ending with air. The game has a good 3D graphics and very simple control. Save our planet from the parasites!

Download Mad Day - Truck Distance Game apk mod

Battle the oncoming Alien Invasion of Earth in this epic racer to rescue your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy and escape. Mad Day is a combination of an awesome racing and alien shooting game. Upgrade your Car, Guns, Armor, Clothing and more to beat the bad guys.

Take on the aliens lasers and blasters with your own trucks rocket launcher as you climb hills and smash through walls. Then start running on foot with your shotgun, killing and smashing aliens. Earn gold coins to upgrade your Car and weapons as well as buy boosters in order to get further each time and beat your previous and friends best distance. Go off road while you drive and run for your life!

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