Download Lux Auto Brightness Apk Pro

Lux Auto Brightness - adjust the temperature still probably monitor screen machine to make it suitable for use at night. At sunset, you can have a Lux automatic warm your screen and move the night profile.

If you're an astrologer, you can connect an astrologer mode ripping solid pure white light. If you have a root connected telephone, you included, and you can use these improvements at a low level with the aid of plug-in system Lux Auto Brightness.ư

■ Stable, custom auto brightness with root plug-in support.
■ Use your ambient light sensor or camera(s) to read in ambient light.
■ Subzero brightness for night viewing.

Download Lux Auto Brightness apk pro

■ Select between Auto, Day, Night, Car and Cinema light profiles
■ Automatic night mode. Change the colour temperature of your display for comfortable night time viewing.
■ Astronomer mode. Adds a red filter to your display to preserve the eyesight of stargazers.
■ Power-user settings such as choice of interpolation, filters, and linked sample editing.
■ Add app specific exceptions via sleep mode. NOTE: This is broken in Android 5.0 due to API changes beyond my control.
■ Customisable fade for backlight adjustments.
■ Tasker and Locale support
■ Battery efficient.
■ Backup to SD.
■ No ads or other nuisances.

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