Download Logis Tycoon Evolution APK Mod

Logis tycoon: Evolution - manage an international transport campaign. Transport different cargoes to all the corners of the world. Build distribution centers and airports. Build a transport empire in this game for Android. Transport goods from one city to another. Choose the best transportation route and the most appropriate form of transportation, like trucks, airplanes, etc. Store and handle cargo at your bases and in airports. Build new bases in different cities around the world and expand activities of your company. Improve your vehicles.

Download Logis Tycoon Evolution APK Mod

1. Obtain coins using a basic freight delivery system!
- Collect all freight in distribution centers.
- Distribute collected freight to destinations.
- Conveniently collect and deliver freight simultaneously.

2. Establish multiple bases by building distribution centers and airports!
- Opened cities can be set as distribution centers.
- Upgrade distribution centers to airports.
- Distribution centers act as stepping stones to long distance destinations.
- For long distance delivery that cannot reach a destination in one move, freight can be moved between distribution centers.

3. Upgrade your distribution center!
- Up to five vehicles can be dispatched to a distribution center.
- Up to three hangars can be built at an airport.
- Freight capacity of distribution centers (airports) can be expanded up to 130 tons.
- If you upgrade a distribution center to maximum capacity, you can earn coins faster.

4. Upgrade your trucks and planes!
- All trucks and airplanes can upgrade speed, volume, and fuel tanks.
- Depending on characteristics, each truck and airplane can be upgraded to different levels


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