Download Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault (Premium) APK Mod

Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault (Premium) - Appendix excellent ergonomics. All you need, and this lock or unlock the application, you can do directly from the home screen. To do this in front of each application, you need to drag the slider of the position off to on. If you decide to leave unlocked settings, I recommend include "device administrator" function in the application settings. After enabling this feature, the application will not be possible to remove this option is in the application not previously be disabled.

Download Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault (Premium) APK Mod

Lockdown Pro is a free application developed by Vietnamese people and is highly appreciated by many forum and technology pages. Is one of 5 applications of the year from the forum.

Lockdown Pro does not consume battery power like other products.

Do you worry about other people accessing your email, email, or some other sensitive application? Need a solution? Lockdown Pro is a great application to help you avoid these worries.

★ Lockdown Pro is a great tool, it can help you lock any application you want like SMS ... it also lock some applications such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, or lock to install / delete application.

★ Lockdown Pro can help you hide your photos and videos safely

★ Lockdown Pro hides images and movies, and supports many formats including .gif

★ Easy to lock application with one touch.

★ Automatically lock new app settings.

★ Image capture unauthorized access.

★ Automatically upload photos to Google Drive

★ lock the main screen

★ Automatically send emails with images of unauthorized visitors.

★ Automatically lock apps on selected locations and automatically unlock them when you leave.

★ 3 types of keys: drawing, classic and computer type.

★ Fake an error message (Deceive an unauthorized user by displaying an error message.)

★ The keyboard is different after each password entry

Lock by time (Example: If the time is 13:12, the password will be 1312)

★ Warehouse interface (Multiple interfaces, multiple choice)

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