Download Kimoji By Kim Kardashian West Apk Mod

Kimoji isn't Kardashian-West's first foray into the app world; ets users create themselves as celebrities in a Sims-esque role playing game. Although it came out last year, it still has 30 million active users. She and each of her four sisters also have lifestyle apps that come with subscription-based behind-the-scenes content, including style tips and the sisters’ personal news, for $2.99/month.

Installation of the Kimoji keyboard can be a little tricky. After installing the, go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard, then select Kimoji. After it's installed as one of the keyboards, select Kimoji and turn on "Allow Full Access" to use the emojis.

Using the Kimoji keyboard is also a little different than using native emojis. First, click on the globe at the bottom of the keyboard like you would normally to bring up the emoji keyboard. Then, select ABC at the bottom of the emoji keyboard to bring up the Kimoji keyboard. 

Select a Kimoji, then follow the instructions to paste it into the text body. Even if your friend doesn't have the Kimoji app, he or she will still be able to see them.

Download kimoji by kim kardashian west apk mod


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