Download Inside Out Thought Bubbles Apk Mod

Inside Out Thought Bubble is the official game for the Pixar movie Inside Out. It uses the same gameplay as the classic Puzzle Bobble: you have to shoot colorful bubbles from the lower part of the screen with the aim of matching the colors to clear the screen and move on to the next level.

In Inside Out Thought Bubbles, you'll find more than 100 different levels where you always have to do the same task: shoot colorful 'memory bubbles' to clear the level. As you advance you can unlock special power-ups that make it easier to complete the levels, especially as the number of bubbles you have in your arsenal is limited.

Download Inside Out Thought Bubbles apk mod

• SHOOT & MATCH memories
• UNLOCK characters and play over 1000 levels
• UNLEASH POWER-UPS – Create sunbursts with Joy, let the rain pour with Sadness, blaze a fiery path with Anger, repel matching memories with Disgust, and scatter orbs in frantic fun with Fear!
• OVERCOME obstacles like Brain Freezes and jump ahead using boosters like Brain Storms!
• CONNECT to Facebook to gift and receive free lives, and to see how you stack up against your friends!
• IMMERSE yourself in the world of the film through stunning 3D animation and gameplay featuring voice actors from the film!


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