Download Head Basketball Apk Mod Free Android Game

Head Basketball is a 2D basketball game where you can participate in one-on-one duels where absolutely anything goes. The game is developed by the people who made Head Soccer, and thus shares lots of similarities with that legendary title. In fact it's practically identical, but with the goals replaced with baskets.

On the left side of the screen you've got arrow buttons to move your player around, and on the right your jump and hit buttons. With the latter you can hit the ball, but normally it's more useful for trying to knock out your opponent.

Download Head Basketball apk mod free android game

+ 23 different characters and their unique ability shots
+ Various experiences through four different game modes
(Arcade, Campaign, Tournament, Survival)
+ Decorating unique characters with various costumes
for each portion of the body from head to toe
+ Develop your own character by upgrading ability scores
through character level ups.
+ Play multiplayer with players around the world


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