Download Happy Farm:Candy Day APK MOD

Happy Farm: Candy Day - Collect cute animals, plants and crops to grow with your friends as you build the biggest farm around! Even you can create your own animals!

Download Happy Farm:Candy Day APK MOD

Happy Farm: Candy Day is a casual social management game where players have to take charge of a fun farm that will require all of their faculties to run smoothly. 

Players can plant different vegetables in their fields by just dragging their fingertip across the screen. You can interact with the farm animals with the same gesture, which is how you gather eggs from the hens, wool from the sheep, milk from the cows, etc. 

As with all social games, you can play Happy Farm: Candy Day on Facebook with your friends. You can exchange different vegetables, trade, and negotiate on almost any element of the game, which is really necessary if you want your farm to prosper. 

Another strong point of Happy Farm: Candy Day is the high level of detail and the options for personalizing your farm. You can create truly unique farms, and invite your friends to visit. 

Happy Farm: Candy Day is an entertaining and pretty social game that, although it doesn't offer anything new in terms of playability, it does let users enjoy a well-known and polished game mechanics.

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