Download Guns, Cars, Zombies Apk Mod

Guns, cars, zombies - rush along the roads of a post apocalypse world in a well armed car. Destroy hordes of zombies and get rewards. Step on the gas and rush across deserts, city ruins, tunnels, forests and other locations of this Android game. Zombies of different kinds will attack your car from all the sides. Smash zombies at crazy speed. Crush monsters shooting at them from a heavy machinegun. Buy sharp blades, strong bumpers and other details which can make your car stronger. Set records.

Download Guns, Cars, Zombies apk mod

Choose your style and build your unique zombie survival car!
Muscle cars, hot-rods, sport cars, pickups and other crazy vehicles to choose from.
Every car is fully customizable with dozens of unique parts.

Mount various weapons to the car to be more deadly.
Shoot zombies to survive.

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