Download Gun Strike 2 Apk Mod

Gun Strike 2 (MOD, unlimited money/diamonds/ammo) - gives a third person shooter (TPS), if provided for lovers of FPS, firing fun, fun act. You will draw on an experimental mercenary, equipped with all the appearance of guns Gun Strike 2 (MOD, unlimited money/diamonds/ammo)) to throw a challenge to shoot different tasks.

** Reflect Real Weapon Characteristic **
-Let player experience the firing and explosive power of automatic weapon, handguns and grenade thru game simulation.

Download Gun Strike 2 apk mod

-In the course of level up, player can enhance the weapons power, stability, and speed, as well as equip sniper scope and grenade launcher.
-Prior to weapon purchase, player can test them in shooting range with moving targets, cans, and bottles.

** Various Shooting Assignments **
-A mixture of tactical assignments such as Base Defense, Enemy Territory Assault, Survival, Hunting, Hostage Rescue, Scientist escort, and Enemy Boss Challenge.
-Actual game play are set in worldwide battlefields such as deserts, jungles, snow field, ocean ports, modern city, and in many different backgrounds and scene.

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