Download Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer Apk Mod

Gun master 3: Zombie slayer - unlock different weapons and improve them using different parts. Practice and destroy hordes of horrific zombies. Become a master gunsmith in this game for Android. Turn your standard gun or assault rifle into precise and powerful weapon. Try doing tasks on the training ground. Run through city streets shooting bloodthirsty monsters attacking from all the sides. Be careful not to hit civilians. Save citizens from the zombie apocalypse. Become the best zombie killer!

Gun Master: Zombie Slayer features an open shooting range with targets hidden along the way and zombies running to slaughter. Run against the clock and don't miss a single one of them!

Download Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer apk mod

- Assortment of real military and police forces grade weapons
- 30 guns of every size and type - pistols, SMGs, rifles, machine guns
- Real gun upgrading with 9-part upgrade system
- Fully customizable gun colors and camouflages
- 2 maps, 2 game modes
- Zombie killing with limited brainpower
- Leaderboards, tournaments and daily challenges

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