Download Glory Of Generals2: ACE Apk Mod

Glory of generals 2: Ace - head a huge army that has modern military equipment. Fight enemies on interesting maps in different parts of the world. Fight to control the world of this Android game. Hire skilled generals with unique abilities who can help your armies win. Create a plan for your military campaign and show your strategy talents in every battle. Capture new territory, get valuable resources, build military bases and improve them.Fight other players from around the world on the arena.

Commander! The new war is about to begin.
EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding war strategy games as we always do.

Download Glory of Generals2: ACE apk mod

***Command over 70 kinds of most advanced army, navy and airforce units.
***Each military unit has its own feature. Use them wisely and you will be invincible.
***Reform and upgrade your troops with components. Make them the ACE of the battlefield.
***Each generals has unique skills. Make full use of them according to war situation.
***Reasonable play of tactical cards will help you dominate the whole battle.
***Real and various terrains will influence the strategies. Capture enemy's stronghold to win the battle.

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