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Glass 2 Glass is a game where you have to pour liquid into a long thick glass, and then pour it from that glass into a different one. The problem is that you have to calculate the exact amount of liquid to pour into the first glass precisely, as if you don't have enough for the second glass you lose. If it overflows, you also lose.

The game system is simple: tap the screen for the amount of time you want to pour liquid into the first glass. When you let go, you immediately see if you've done it well. If you have, you win some coins and move on to the next level. The highest levels are the most difficult because you're challenged with different-shaped glasses and cups.

We have added an all new PvP game mode! Compete with friends and rivals all over the world!

Download Glass 2 Glass apk mod

Fill too little and fail, Fill too much and fail,
Perfectly pour liquid from glass to glass, Requires brains over brawn/ Requires feel over skill,
Put your sense of perception to use and perfectly pour your drink from one glass to another! Fill it to the brim to get a perfect score.Not too much, Not too little, Just give it the right touch.

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