Download Galaxy Legend APK Mod

Galaxy legend - head the outpost on a faraway planet and turn in into a capital of interstellar empire. Create a huge space fleet and fight enemies. In this Android game you'll join the struggle for domination over the galaxy. Develop your base, construct a variety of buildings, each with an important function. Research new technology and build powerful space ships. Lead your fleet into battle and defeat powerful opponents. Upgrade your ships replacing various systems. Defeat other players and become the strongest.

Download Galaxy Legend APK Mod


✔A strategy RPG with single and multiplayer dimensions in a galactic battlefield

✔Cutting-edge interface, delivering stunning galactic imagery

✔Gathering 100s of ultimate fleet each with their unique battle style

✔Coordinate strategic battles with tons different combinations of fleets set up and skills.

✔Climb ranks in pvp arena, wage war against player worldwide in weekly tournament

✔Transform your fleet with numerous upgrades and abilities

✔take on 100s of missions, quest your way through an thrilling story-line.

✔Pandora Cluster, Chaos Quasar, wormhole, conquer the cosmos, loads of fun contents and events for you to explore.


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