Download Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers Apk Mod

Galaxy defense 2: Transformers - defend different planets of the galaxy from attacks of aggressive aliens. Build defensive towers and automatic turrets. Save the galaxy from the forces of darkness in this Android game. In each new mission you'll have to lead the defense of one of the human colonies. You have the latest military developments like transforming robots with powerful weapons at your command. Place your forces on the battlefield to block the path of your enemy. Improve your combat units.

This Tower Defense is the warrior against the dark forces that are intending to invade the planet. You are a Defender and your mission is defense one planet which be violently devastated by enemy.

Download Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers apk mod

★★ Improved features ★★
- The characters in the game can transfigure.
- The Defender system is raised 6 units
- The Defender system is better with aircraft which can fire the rockets.
- Enemy System have 25 units
- 21 Tower, each of those have the attacks for 15 - 30
- Can speed up the games to twice.
- You can call the next turn when military forces currently not turn off

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