Download Freeze! 2 - Brothers APK Mod

Freeze! 2: Brothers - help two brothers who look like gears with eyeballs escape from evil aliens who imprisoned them into a surrealistic dungeon. The protagonist of this game for Android goes searching for his brother flying through space on a rocket built that he build on his own. But evil aliens captured the hero and put him in a prison. Rotate strange cells around brothers to get them to the exit. Help the heroes avoid various traps like spikes and deadly liquids. Enjoy great music.

Download Freeze! 2 - Brothers APK Mod


You’ll solve twisted physics-based puzzles by rotating the cells around our heroes with your finger. And of course you’ll have to use the Freeze-buttons to arrest gravity for the brothers. Sounds simple? Well, yes, it is - at first.


The basic gameplay is the same as in „Freeze!“, but there are many exciting extensions: In the levels you’ll encounter liquids like water and deadly rocket fuel sloshing around. The brothers have to pass most levels together, fighting against lethal electric fields, smart batteries (what?!?) and slightly sadistic level design.


• Premium game, no ads, no in-app purchases, developed by Andreas von Lepel
• New look and unique graphics by art director Jonas Schenk (
• With surreal alien worlds by illustrator Jonas Littke (
• 4 alien worlds, 100 varied and exciting levels, designed by Hiro Yamada
• New dark tracks from the Swiss Trance Master Karl Lukas (
• Simulation of fluids such as water and deadly rocket fuel
• High Scores and Achievements - who’ll escape fastest from the prison worlds?

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