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Fortress Fury - free to play and impossible to break away, the strength of anger only a very interesting newcomer Competitive strategy is fun all around! Channel powerful elemental magic to defeat enemies and to use their own alchemy to build strength so powerful, it is worth more than all the others.

Improve your own strategy and sharpen their own skills as you take on investors with only a lattice Fortress Fury!
But not the least, some things are allowed to buy in the fun of the real SLE. Playing strength Fury did not ask for the acquisition, and if you do not want to apply this function to turn off the elementary addition of acquisitions in the device options

Download Fortress Fury APK MOD

Fortress fury - build an indestructible fortress from a variety of blocks. Place different weapons in it and fight enemy fortresses. Create the most powerful fortress in the world in this game for Android. Hurry with the construction, use wood, stone, and other blocks. Place magic weapons that can shoot fireballs, lightning, etc. The fortress of your enemy is right in front of yours. Use everything you can to destroy enemy fortress before enemy destroys yours.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Many different blocks
  • Fight other players
  • Different bonuses

The game requires an Internet connection

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