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Formula Cartoon All Stars - You expect crazy race for three-dimensional highways with adorable cartoon heroes on Cartoon Network! You will meet the heroes of favorite cartoons from: Finn, Gambolò, Mordekaya, Ben 10, Jake Rigby, Muscle Maine, Stephen Universe, Clarence, and almost all the rest. You can not expect just a mad speed, however, and with plenty of cool discounts. Among them - cold cubes, bubbles, tomatoes and much more. They posodeystvuyut beat the competition and borrow the first space! Arrange your own car inimitable Formula Cartoon All Stars (A lot of money), combining the most hundreds of different details. Pick up a unique machine. Increases agility and acceleration drive, and even sets the most massive turbines to start all on a steep highway.

Download Formula Cartoon All Stars APK Mod

Formula Cartoon All-Stars is a Mario-Kart style racing game in which players control the most famous characters from the world of Cartoon Network, including Finn and Jake from Adventure Time, FlapJack, Gumball and the PowerPuff girls.

When you start the first race on Formula Cartoon All-Stars, you'll only be able to use little Flapjack, but as you get more diamonds, you'll be able to unlock other characters such as Marceline, Princess Gumball, Mordecai, Rigby, and Darwin, among many others.

Controlling the vehicle during the races is very simple and can be done using only one finger. And while you could win the race by playing fair, you can also use the different weapons that appear on the circuit every once in a while: bubble-gum bombs, tomatoes, protective shields, and much more.

Players of Formula Cartoon All-Stars can enjoy up to five tournaments and over seventy-five circuits, all of them inspired by places from cartoon series such as Adventure Time, PowerPuff girls, Flapjack and Johnny Bravo.

Formula Cartoon All-Stars is a highly entertaining 3D racing game that in spite of its theme will prove entertaining to not just the kids of the house, but also anyone looking for a good Mario Kart alternative on Android.

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