Download EvoCreo Version 1.5.0 Free Android Game

Embark on a journey through the Zenith world. Become the top evoker by catching and battling over 130 types of Creo!

EvoCreo Free is a direct role-playing game inspired by the classic Pokemon game, simulating all the elements of Nintendo games: from the plot to the battle system and how you capture monsters.
Right from the start of the game, everything in EvoCreo reminds you of Pokemon. You start by choosing the main character, who can be either a boy or a girl (suspected similarly to Pokemon Silver and Gold).

The goal of the game in any case is to capture and develop 130 different monsters (Creoles) and become the best Creo trainer in the world. To do that, you need to travel around the dangerous world, full of adventures, for over 40 hours of play.

Download EvoCreo Version 1.5.0 Free Android Game

In EvoCreo, you can challenge other coaches to fight each other on the Internet. In these battles, the two players face each other in the arena and test the strength of Creo. Of course, you can not capture the creature of your opponent.

The full version of the game includes:
- There are 130 monsters to grasp and grow!
- All animated monsters and cartoon characters
- A huge open world to explore where Creo wanders
- An epic adventure over 40 hours
- Cross-platform multiplayer
- Customize your Creo moves, features, and abilities to fit your very own strategy!

More than 130 monsters catch and grow!
Discover an enormous open world!

Upgrade to the full version of the game to unlock all of EvoCreo's features now!


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