Download EURO 2016 Head Soccer Apk Mod

EURO 2016 Head Soccer is a rather odd soccer game where instead of playing with a team of 11, you play with one character only. You can choose any of the national teams participating in the France 2016 Eurocup, each of them represented by just one player.

The controls in EURO 2016 Head Soccer are pretty straightforward: there's a button to jump and head the ball, another to kick the ball and also kick your opponent, and a third one to make special moves.

Download EURO 2016 Head Soccer apk mod

Euro 2016. Head soccer: France 2016 - control a funny soccer player having a big head. Score goals to the gates of your opponent by means of tricky headshots. Take part in Euro soccer championship together with your favorite national team. In this Android game you can select a soccer player from any team, have friendly matches with different opponents or compete in different championships. Control a soccer player with one slide of your finger, defend your gates, return the ball with a head and apply unique abilities.


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